5 things you may have missed inside your NewZapp account

Posted on April 5, 2015 at 1:09 pm Written by

From personalisation tags to hiding your navigation panel, here are 5 things you may have missed inside your NewZapp account.

1. Latest news
When you first login to your NewZapp account, or under that ‘start’ tab you’ll find a section on the right hand side of the screen called ‘Latest News’. This is where you’ll find all the latest updates, blog posts and anything that might be relevant to your account or that we think you need to know about.

This section is updated on a regular basis so we recommend keeping an eye on it so you don’t miss out on anything important.



2. Auto-save
For those of you who are now using the drag and drop editor you’ll be pleased to know we have introduced an auto-save function. This means as you’re working on your email, the system will automatically save it for you every 15 seconds after you’ve stopped typing. It also saves after specific actions such as adding a new block.

This is ideal for those times when you suddenly get called away from your desk and forget to hit the save button.

3. Proof group
Before sending out your campaign it’s always a good idea to send it to colleagues first to proof it. When selecting your recipients there’s now an option called ‘Proof Group’. To choose this option simply create a group called ‘Proof’ under your subscriber tab and add your trusted email addresses to enable.


4. Hiding your navigation panel
Under each of the tabs in your account you have a navigation panel which shows either all your saved emails, subscriber groups or reports. If for any reason you want to hide this panel so you can make the rest of the screen wider, simply use the little arrows at the top and to the right of the navigation panel green bar.


5. Personalisation tags
Add that personal touch to your email with the drop of a block, using personalisation tags created from details in your subscriber database. Simply drag and drop a tag into position on your email within an existing text block. The tag will appear in the editor in the form of [example] and will convert into a real value for each recipient when the email is sent. You can style this text in the same way as normal text, e.g. colour or bold it, but you must not respell or capitalise the text between the ‘[ ]’ symbols as this will break the functionality.


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