5 things you may have missed inside your NewZapp account

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So many features so little time!

In this blog we’ll look at 5 things you may have missed inside your NewZapp account, and then you’ll wonder how you managed without them.

1. Change the background colour of your email or block
The Design panel in the drag and drop editor allows you to choose a background colour for the entire email as well as any block. Simply click on the colour swatch and select your chosen background colour from the palette, or type / paste the hexadecimal value into the box.

To change a Block Background colour select the block you wish to edit by clicking once anywhere inside it – this changes the outline from dotted green to solid green – then select your chosen background colour or type / paste the hexadecimal value into the box.
design panel

To remove a background colour, select the block you wish to edit and click the cross (x) to the right of the colour field. Once you have done this the colour of the surrounding block (if applicable) or the email background colour will show through.

2. Search boxes
Under the panel headers for Navigation, Custom Blocks, Images and Documents in the drag and drop editor we have a search function. This starts working as you type and is a super quick way to find an email in a folder, a favourite custom block, a document, or an image.
Image search

3. All free templates are now mobile responsive
Within your account you’ll find a series of free drag and drop templates which you can also view here. These free templates are separated into 2 categories – basic and themed – and they are all mobile responsive meaning your campaign will display perfectly on desktops, smartphones and tablets.
Free Templates
More information about the different kind of templates in your account can be found here.

4. Image Editor
Included in your NewZapp account is a powerful Image Editor capable of extraordinary things! To access the editor simply navigate to the Images panel under the drag and drop editor, choose or upload an image to edit and click the first button on the left that appears when you hover over each image to load the Image Editor.Image Editor Button

You can choose from a range of editing tools including effects, frames, stickers, focus, brightness, contrast, draw, splash and a whole lot more.image editingIn addition to the Image Editor available within your NewZapp account you can download it to your smart phone so you can make your edits to your photos on the go. The Aviary Image Editor is available for both iOS and Android and is free to download.

5. Custom blocks
Do you want to use a particular block over and over again? Well, the Custom Block feature is about to become your new best friend.

A Custom Block is a group of blocks saved for repeated use so that you can quickly and easily drop a layout into a campaign that you like and have used before.

If you are a long standing user of NewZapp the best way to describe them is having the ability (at last!) to have multiple styles of “Article” at your fingertips, and use them on more than one template – rather than just the one style per template.

Creating a custom blockTo create a custom block all you need to do is create exactly what you want (add all your images and text, style, colour and link as required) then click the + icon on the top right of the surrounding block. Give the block a name and click the Create Block button. You’ll find your new block available in the ‘Custom Blocks’ panel, ready for you to drag and drop into future emails whenever and as often as you need it.
custom block block

You can either make your own Custom Blocks or you can have us make them for you to match your branding. Simply get in touch to with us on sales@newzapp.com for a personalised quote.

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