4 Important Email Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Game of Thrones

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I have two passions in life – Game of Thrones and Email Marketing; I’m a complete fangirl when it comes to both! I’ve put together 4 Important Email Marketing Tips you can learn from Game of Thrones which will help improve your results or if you’re new, give you some great advice to get you started.

Shall we begin?


4 Important Email Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Game of Thrones1. “SHAME!”

When you start email marketing, you must keep sending regularly.

I see far too often customers with the best intentions of sending out their campaigns every month but do it so ad-hoc or stop all together, their subscribers forget who they are! Shame! Some people really do need to do the Walk of Atonement!

I was asked just the other day by a client why they didn’t get a 40% open rate compared to last time; it turns out they hadn’t emailed that database in 6 months – there’s your answer right there!

Think about it this way – why should your subscribers open your email and spend money with your company if you can’t be bothered to keep in touch with them?  Email Marketing is key to any business – find the time to send those emails!


4 Important Email Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Game of Thrones2. “A girl is no-one”

This one gets me every time… If I receive an email with a “noreply@” address, it gets me all worked up like Ayra at a Frey dinner party!

So you send me an email, I’m liking what I see, I want to enquire, I hit reply…oh look, a noreply@ address…end of conversation. One of the main purposes of email marketing is to build a relationship with your subscribers.

Top Tip – an email address with an actual name works so much better; your subscribers will know that there’s a real-life person behind this email who they can deal with and not just some Faceless Men. You’ll also see a significant increase in your open rates using a personal email address.

Using a noreply@ address will not only turn off your subscribers, this address will more than likely land you in Spam Filters – here’s a brilliant blog to explain why.


4 Important Email Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Game of Thrones3. “You know nothing, Jon Snow”

Knowing who you are emailing is vital. Simple, right? Yet so many companies get it wrong.

For example, I received an email a couple of months ago from a big high street chain who I have bought from on several occasions telling me about their lovely offer on men’s clothing. Well, last time I checked, I’m definitely a woman so why am I receiving an email specifically for the male market?

Not only have I had to spend 5 minutes filling out a form telling you all about me before I give you money, to then be sent something that’s not relevant to me whatsoever, it is time to unsubscribe.

You’ve got the data, use it and Segment them in to groups. That way, you know you’re targeting the right people with a message that’s relevant to them which will lead to more opens and more sales!

And finally…

4 Important Email Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Game of Thrones4. HODOR!

(Come on… I just had to!)

One of the most important Email Marketing tips – keep your message on point, just like our dear Hodor did (RIP, big dude).

Marketeers tend to over-egg the pudding by putting too much content in the email campaigns which is understandable because you’re passionate about your product!

Just remember to keep it simple – too much content will make your reader switch off and you’ll lose them forever. Here’s some advice from our Support Team on this very subject here.


There you have it, 4 Important Email Marketing tips you can use straight away!

Got any more you can add to this list? We’d love to hear them!

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