Marketing Strategy: Start your 2018 planning now!

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Start your 2018 planning now!

With 2018 fast approaching (where has 2017 gone?), this weeks blog looks at why it is so important to plan your marketing strategy. Imagine it is two weeks before Christmas (oh, wait!) and all your partners/suppliers/clients are winding down for the year, do you follow suit?

Should you be winding down before Christmas?

At NewZapp HQ we are still busy creating marketing communications for our subscribers and, even though it’s quieter than some parts of the year, we’ve actually had a 5% increase in click throughs and traffic on our website in the last week. There’s no doubt this can be partly attributed to people having time to read our campaigns and start the conversion process.

Don’t rush as you’ll kick yourself later

In December, most people I speak to are producing “filler campaigns”. These campaigns are things like seasonal wishes, end of year “warmer campaigns” or no campaigns at all because they believe that no one has any money to spend. Whilst creating filler and warmer campaigns can be useful to keep the subscriber engagement steady, they still need to be planned out. The emails that you send in December start the first steps of AIDCA which can lead to engagement and prospects/potentials for January.

So, capitalising on the quieter periods to send content can help you with encouraging the first steps of AIDCA, but for good quality content clear planning needs to happen. I’m not talking months on filler campaigns but a lead time of a few hours or a day won’t always produce attention-grabbing content!

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential”

I talked about the GROW model in my last planning blog and I would recommend it to anyone. Planning a campaign or your marketing strategy can be daunting. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start or what to do, which can eat into your lead time.

Using GROW for your marketing campaigns

As an example, I’m going to talk you through my GROW for one of our own NewZapp marketing campaigns:


December Newsletters for continual promotion of our brand and creation of awareness.


Obstacles and resources – imagery from the Design Team, any other campaigns due out on the remaining Friday’s?

  • Opinions – are there any messages that need reaffirming, thoughts on layout, what should be our lead Call to Action?
  • Logistics – Work flow for resources, my own schedule, Design Team schedule and the sign off from our Sales Team.


Do I have a template that suits the theme?

  • When does this campaign go out?
  • Which of my subscribers will I be sending to? Shall I segment and send two different subject lines?
  • What are the results of my last A/B test for November?


Committing to the campaigns.

  •   Will this lead to conversions?
  •   Will there be an influx of emails or phone calls?
  •    Will potentials become warm leads?

Planning isn’t all about saying I will send campaigns weekly in December. Its looking from the top down and the bottom up. Its about turning an idea ‘sending campaigns in December’ into ‘sent campaigns in December’ with fantastic open and click rates.

NewZapp’s Present to you

As it is the season to be jolly, we have a fantastic present for all of our subscribers (don’t say we never give you anything!). Here at NewZapp HQ we are firm believers of planning marketing opportunities and campaigns, as many hands make light work.

So to help us with planning things like our weekly blog, email campaigns and weekly newsletters, our Design Team have created a 2018 content calendar which can be shared online between our team and allows everyone in the office to see what is coming up.

As our gift to you, we’d like to invite you to download our NewZapp Email Marketing 2018 Content Calendar and prepare your own 2018 marketing campaigns!

Download my free NewZapp content calendar

Seasons Greetings & see you in 2018!

From NewZapp HQ

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