5th December 2017

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New & Improved:

  • Create & Send | Drag & Drop image attributes
    Automatic addition of default Alt Tag text to images.

The benefits of having an Alt Tag (also known as Alternative Text) on images in email campaigns have long been known. These include the preference of alt tags being present when an email is scored by SPAM filters, and as good practice to provide the best possible experience for visually impaired recipients using screen reading devices.To assist users with this we have added a new feature to the Drag & Drop editor that automatically adds an Alt Tag to an image when dropped into an email.

The default Alt Tag text is ‘image’. This can be changed, per image, using the Image Properties button on the editor tool bar.

  • System Navigation Bar | New look and position for the Help button
    A new Help link is now available on the system’s top navigation bar, as a quick route to open the NewZapp Knowledge Base in a new tab.
  • System Navigation Bar | New Information button
    A new Information icon is now available on the system’s top navigation bar, which offers easy look up on hover of the account CID, a link to the Changelog, and the NewZapp support phone number.

Bug Fixes:

  • Create & Send | Drag & Drop image scaling
    Fix of an issue where it was possible to drop an image in an area of an email where automatic scaling on mobile wouldn’t be applied. Updates have also been made to the range of free Basic templates to compliment this fix.
  • Track | Analytics
    Improvements made to the code connecting the analytics tab in Track, to a corresponding Goggle Analytics account.
  • Settings | Company Branding | Logo upload
    Fix of a bug where uploading a logo was causing an error if the account was yet to have any other Settings saved.

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