4th October 2017

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New & Improved:

  • Create & Send | Personalisation Tags | New ‘Confirm’ tag
    New personalisation tag for the inclusion of a ‘confirm’ link in an email campaign. This enables Subscribers to click and confirm their continued opt-in preference (re-engagement).
  • Subscribers | Subscriber Cards | New GDPR tab
    New tab now available for access to details of double opt-in confirmation and re-engagement confirmation, per Subscriber.
  • Subscribers | Groups & Segments | Data Filters | New ‘Confirmed’ tag
    New ‘Confirmed’ Data Filter tag now available for search purposes in Groups, and for use as criteria in Segments.
  • Subscribers | Subscriber Cards | Re-naming of History tab
    Tab has been renamed ‘Send History’ for clarification. This holds a record of all campaigns sent to a Subscriber and actions taken (Opened, Clicked, Shared etc)

Bug Fixes:

  • API Intergration
    Fix of a bug affecting the ability to revoke an app.

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