4th May 2017

Posted on May 4, 2017 at 1:18 pm Written by


  • Create & Send | Pick A Template:
    New collection of over 30 new look drag & drop Themed templates added to the library
  • Create & Send | Pick A Template:
    Upgrade to the template search adding the ability to search Basic and Themed templates by keyword as well as template name
  • Create & Send | HTML Upload:
    Auto generation of a template thumbnail when uploading your own HTML making identification of uploads easier on the Pick A Template screen

Bug Fixes:

  • Automation | Automation Library:
    Fixing of a bug where the set Global Date saved in seasonal library automations wasn’t being displayed
  • Automation | View Automation Steps | Copy Step:
    Email Names on new copies now have “copy of ” as a prefix for clearer labelling
  • Automation | View Automation Steps | Create Trigger:
    ‘Delay’ drop down now defaults to the smallest unit available
  • Automation | View Automation Steps | Trigger label:
    Adjustment so that singular / plural time limits are grammatically correct

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