31st May 2017

Posted on May 31, 2017 at 12:33 pm Written by


  • Create and Send | Editor | Email Details:
    Validation improved to make the maximum character limits clearer to users, particularly when pasting an Email Name

Bug Fixes:

  • Create & Send | Editor | Chosen Template screen:
    Not displaying the chosen template name correctly
  • Create and Send | New Email | Pick a Template:
    Template preview overlay not displaying correctly
  • Create and Send | Editor | Navigation:
    ‘New Email’ icon not directing users to the correct screen
  • Automation | My Automations | Status icon:
    ‘Running’ icon not responding when clicked to Pause an Automation
  • Automation | My Automations | Automation Step:  Incorrect ‘Send Proof’ icon
  • Automation | My Automations | Automation Step | Edit Schedule | Time Picker:
    Fix of an issue when making a time selection, affecting the Internet Explorer browser only

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