27th February 2018

Posted on February 27, 2018 at 11:24 am Written by

New & Improved:

  • Password Management
    As part of our ongoing commitment to account security and the upcoming GDPR, today sees the release of new Password Management Upgrade. This means that Users are now able to reset their account Password online with no requirement to contact the Support team.
    Account holders have the ability to set a new Password of their own choice, at any time. Communications for this feature are sent via the email address saved in the Account Settings screen as the “Notifications” address.
    More information can be found on our guide: How to… Settings
  • Settings | Default ‘From’ Name and ‘From’ Address
    Removal of these account settings which are no longer necessary, as the Editor requires both pieces of information to be included when a new email campaign is created.

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