26th October 2017

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New & Improved:

  • Automation | Triggers | Added to Audience via Import
    An upgrade to this type of Trigger has been released today.
    Emails can now be triggered by the import of existing Subscribers into the audience, not just Subscribers new to the account.

Our Knowledge Base has lots of easy to follow guides about all aspects of Automation, including Triggers.

Bug Fixes:

  • Subscribers | New Subscriber | Manual entry
    Fix of a bug affecting the selection of Suppression status when adding a new Subscriber manually.
  • Automation | Step | Edit Schedule | Day to send
    Fix of a bug whereby ‘Day to send’ setting was affected by editing of the Step email.
  • Automation | Step Report | Subscriber | Send history
    History tab no longer displaying file name instead of subject line.
  • Create & Send | Editor | Social Blocks
    Fix of an issue affecting Google+ shares.

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