20th February 2018

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New & Improved:

  • Email Campaigns | HTML titles
    A new feature released today means that the HTML title of every email campaign now automatically matches the email’s subject line.
    The HTML title of an email campaign is seen in places such as:
    – A Facebook post when your email is shared.
    – The tab on a browser window whenever your email is viewed online.
    It’s also an element which is checked by some spam filters when checking content.
    This new feature applies to all free and bespoke templates, and to customer’s own campaigns uploaded from this point onwards into a NewZapp account, without the need for a change to be made to the original HTML.
    As a result the subject line of a campaign is now the post title when using any of the following types of social sharing: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
  • Track & Automation | Campaign Report | Data Table
    Data now displays on the table listed by ‘Opens’ in descending order.
    This update replaces the previous default of email addresses loading in A-Z order. Data can still be re-ordered by clicking on any of the five table/column headings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Subscribers | Segments | Data Table
    Fix of a bug which limited the ability to scroll through a Segment’s Subscriber data in table view.

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