13th July 2016

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  • Subscribers | Dashboard, Groups & Segments tabs:
    In all three sections, table view now has its tabs & tools at the bottom of screen
  • Subscribers | Dashboard & Groups tabs:
    Wherever there is a green ‘Add Subscribers’ button, or a green ‘Add Segment’ button – the buttons now include wording for clarity
  • Subscribers | Groups & Segments tabs:
    Table view now has ‘Date Added’ column as the first one after Email Address. Date Unsubscribed also appears after that if you are looking a data pool of unsubscribers
  • Subscribers | Groups & Segments tabs:
    New ‘Remove’ option on mouse-over and on click of a Group, Folder or Segment on the navigation area. This functionality is also available if you are editing a Group, Folder or Segment card
  • Subscribers | Groups tab:
    – The first of the 4 x table tools has new wording, ‘Copy…’ instead of ‘Add…’ after feedback that this button could be confused with adding new subscribers
    – More prominent warning alerts on screen if using the ‘Remove…’ feature
  • Subscribers | Groups tab | Actions which involve large amounts of data (such as ‘Copy’ or ‘Remove’):
    The addition of spinning icons, providing on-screen feedback that data is being processed, and to avoid the impression that the screen has frozen
  • Subscribers | Uploading new data when in Chrome:
    Improvements to the default file types visible on screen

Bug Fixes:

  • Subscribers | Groups tabs:
    Improvements to the speed of loading Groups on screen, in the main navigation and in dialog boxes such as those in Subscriber Cards for example
  • Subscribers | Groups tab | Subscriber cards:
    When editing an existing Subscriber, the ability to edit their email address is now in place
  • Subscribers | Removed Subscribers:
    The ability to Unsubscribe a Subscriber who has been previously removed from an account
  • Subscribers | Uploading new data:
    If running more than one import in a row, the progress bar on the last step no longer shows 100% to 0% before starting to progress again up to 100%
  • Create & Send | Sending:
    Instances of a ‘Loading’ screen appearing and hanging when clicking ‘Send’
  • Create & Send | Sending Options | Manual Entry:
    Intermittent bug when using IE where users couldn’t click/type into the input field
  • Create & Send | Sending Options | Groups:
    Title tags now in place on hover

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