2nd August 2016

Posted on August 2, 2016 at 4:00 pm Written by


  • Subscribers | Dashboard:
    Improvements to the vertical split on higher resolutions for clearer display of Subscriber Population statistics
  • Subscribers | Imports:
    New import upgrade checks for and removes unnecessary spaces/tabs before or after each email address in an import, reducing instances of failures
  • Subscribers | Segments:
    Optimisation of the Segment creation process
  • Track | Data Export: Improvements to the data output format

Bug Fixes:

  • Create & Send | Document links:
    Fixes an issue which arises when there is more than one document link in a text block
  • Create & Send | HTML uploader:
    Improvements to the handling of HTML containing background images
  • Create & Send | Drag & Drop Editor:
    Fix to eliminate instances where a Custom Block thumbnail freezes on screen

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