19th July 2016

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  • Subscribers | Uploading new data:
    To avoid import failure, a limit of 50 columns/tags per file has been set
  • Create & Send | Sending Options screen | Choose recipients:
    The new default is to send to a Manual List, other tabs remain in place for sending to a Proof Group, a chosen Group(s), a Segment or to All Subscribers
  • Create & Send | Sending options screen | Choose sending time:
    The option to send “Now” is no longer pre-selected when arriving on this screen. If clicked it now triggers the same action as the “Next step” button
  • Track: Optimisation of Sent History table on Track home screen

Bug Fixes:

  • Subscribers | Groups & Segments tabs:
    Table view not refreshing after addition/change of filters (users reporting an empty table after applying filters)
  • Subscribers | Uploading new data:
    Improvements to the Tag Detection process to give better on-screen feedback
  • Create & Send | Fixed Template Editor:
    First attempt to insert an image failing for some users when logged in on IE

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