19th June 2018

Posted on June 19, 2018 at 10:28 am Written by

New & Improved:

  • Create & Send | Images Upload Optimiser
    Release of a new editor upgrade, to make image uploading quicker and smarter:

    • Upload images larger than the previous 350KB limit
    • All accounts now accept images of up to 1MB
    • New built-in compression tools optimise even larger images down to a best practice size, meaning an actual upload limit of up to 15MB
    • Spaces in image file names are now accepted too!

    Whilst no one wants to send emails with images that take an age to download on screen, opening them in another application to make them smaller before upload into NewZapp can take up valuable time when creating campaigns.

    This upgrade enables the upload of high resolution images directly into NewZapp.

    File formats accepted are unchanged: .jpg, .png, .gif (static and animated).

    This upgrade is likely to require you to please clear your cache.

Bug Fixes:

  • Account creation | Choose your Password
    Improvements to on-screen validation message when setting a special character in a new password
  • Account settings | Terms & Conditions modal
    Fix of a bug affecting the acceptance of this modal in Microsoft Edge

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