18th October 2017

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We’ve been receiving a lot of questions from customers about what NewZapp is doing to help you comply with the forthcoming GDPR legislation (General Data Protection Regulation). This legislation comes in to effect on 25th May 2018 and will effect everyone who has data in the system about an EU citizen, so basically it effects everyone.

Having looked at the regulations and from talking to you about your needs, we are making some big updates to help you maintain GDPR compliance when using NewZapp.

Following the release of new soft opt-in (or re-opt-in) tools earlier in the month, this week’s release features a brand new system of recording compliance information. This means that going forward all data added to your account will have a full GDPR compliant history available.

Next in the pipeline is an update to make double opt-in a much easier feature to set-up in your account. We’ll keep you posted!

New & Improved:

  • Subscribers | Subscriber Cards | GDPR tab
    Improved tools for data controllers.
    The GDPR tab now records a comprehensive range of Subscriber actions such as origin of a Subscriber, method used to Subscribe, Unsubscribe or Re-subscribe, and changes to Subscriber email address by Admin.
    Records include Date / Time / IP Address / Device.
    This is in addition to the 4th October release of new soft opt-in (or re-opt-in) tools which record double opt-in and re-engagement confirmation, per Subscriber, via use of the ‘confirm’ tag.
  • Subscribers | Subscriber Cards | Details tab | Origin
    The Origin tab has merged in the GDPR tab for easy access to Subscriber actions.
  • Create & Send | Drag & Drop Editor | Documents
    Update to the Documents pane uploader to allow PDF type documents only.

Bug Fixes:

  • Subscribers | Data Pools | Unsubscribers & Unsubscribed Bounces | Tools
    Update to filter tools. Options to Copy, Remove and Suppress removed as Export is the only viable option with these Data Pools.
  • Subscribers | Segments | Edit Segment
    Fix of an issue where tabs layout was incorrect on modal.
  • Track | Hotspots
    Suppression of the ‘confirm’ tag from campaign graphical view in Track, as per other standard custom tags.

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