18th October 2016

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  • Subscribers | Groups | New Private & Public Groups:
    Launch of a new ‘Public’ Group type, enabling Groups to be publicly seen by Subscribers on their own Preferences screen
  • Subscribers | Subscriber Preferences:
    Release of a new Subscriber Preferences screen for Subscribers to manage their subscription to Public Groups, as an alternative to the option to unsubscribe from all emails
  • Subscribers | Importing of Subscribers:
    Update to the import process so that re-importing of existing Subscribers does not affect their current opt-out status from any Public Groups
  • Settings | Goodbye Email:
    Launch of the new unsubscribe confirmation system, with an optional ability to send a ‘Goodbye’ email confirming an unsubscribe has been actioned. ‘Goodbye’ emails also offer the option to re-subscribe
  • Settings | Branding Options:
    New option to upload a Company Logo, adding branding to areas such as the Subscriber Preferences screen and the front cover of Campaign Reports generated in Track
  • You can learn more about these updates and their uses in our Help Centre

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