Create emails for Automation!

Posted on April 28, 2017 at 4:51 pm Written by

Emails for Automation The recent addition to NewZapp is the Automation feature which works on a trigger and action basis. Once you have produced an automation series, emails are automatically sent to subscribers when their actions match a particular trigger. Triggers include actions, dates, or even when subscribers interact with... Read more

25th April 2017

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Updates: Automation BETA | User Guides: Additional User Guides added to the collection in the NewZapp Help Centre. Includes guides on Automation Triggers, Steps, and Scheduling Automation BETA | Insufficient Credits notification: New warning mechanism launched to warn a user by email if an Automation cannot run, and has been paused, due to insufficient email... Read more

20th April 2017

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Updates: Automation BETA  release: A brand new section added to every account for you to create, send and track triggered automated emails such as a Welcome series or a Birthday emailContained in this BETA release: – Automation Library – Automation Email Creator – Automation Scheduler – Automation Summary Stats –... Read more

Email Marketing Do’s

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Email Marketing Do’s After the depressing Don’ts, here are some delightful Do’s. Email marketing has a lot of information on what you should and shouldn’t be doing. In my last post I provided some Don’ts, that I like to follow. Here are a few of my favourite Do’s, that I... Read more

4th April 2017

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Bug Fixes: Track | Campaign | Data | Report for Subscriber | Send Details tab: Fix of a bug whereby ‘Sent on:’ date/time was missing

Introducing our revolutionary DERP™ 3D email technology

Posted on April 1, 2017 at 8:00 am Written by

The future of email is here. With a simple TILT OF THE HEAD your emails will come alive thanks to our revolutionary DERP™ technology. NO 3D GLASSES REQUIRED     Log into an account today and type I-LOVE-DERP in the box and start creating the MAGIC. You can be one for the very... Read more

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