Meet the team

Trevor Munday

Managing Director

I started the company in 1998 whilst completing my BSc Business Information Management Systems. Day to day I’m responsible for driving the company forward and making sure everyone and everything within the business runs smoothly.

As a serial entrepreneur actively involved in 3 different businesses I value my free time immensely which is spent as taxi service for my 3 kids, DIY go-to for my wife, watching Formula 1 either on TV or at a circuit and travelling to (and lots of eating and drinking in) some amazing places.

Annette West

Project Manager

Annette arrived in 2001 to answer the phone for a week, but refuses to leave! She has a customer facing role helping customers make great looking email campaigns and also works with the design and development teams organising them with lots of "To Do" lists.

Living by the coast means her spare time is usually spent not far from it, as well as cooking, baking and following men in leathers on the MotoGP circuit.

Darren Hepburn

Operations Director

A pub landlord who found NewZapp after looking for the mother of all career changes! Darren sold his first NewZapp account in October 2004 and now oversees all elements of sales, marketing and account management.

He divides his free time up into worshipping Bon Jovi, playing golf and watching F1. Darren is a keynote speaker at a variety of trade shows and business conferences every year on email marketing and has been known to get out his embarrassing tattoo if asked nicely.

Mandy Mitchell

Office Manager

Mandy joined the company in 2006 after working for 20 years in Private Banking. As the office Mommy she makes sure everyone gets paid from staff & suppliers to the VAT man, that we are all compliant in HR and H&S and we have copious amounts of tea and coffee to drink.

As our only part timer she has plenty of leisure time to enjoy reading, gardening and sailing – so if she can sit on a boat with a good book and aspidistra she is a very happy bunny. She also loves to go topless when the sun is shining... in her car!

Rachel Hughes

Customer Account Manager

Rachel works closely with our client base to help them get the most out of their accounts, maximise their Email Communications and meet their objectives. As Customer Account Manager, Rachel has input into the design and development of NewZapp from speaking to customers and using their experiences. She is known in the office as the Queen of Automation and Segmentation.

Qualifications: IDM Award Digital Marketing, IDM Award GDPR, BA Business Management and Marketing, BSc Computing and IT.

Tom Scott

Digital Designer & UI Architect

Tom joined the NewZapp Design team in 2014 and never looked back, for fear of what he might see. He still has no idea what's behind him. A joker, non-smoker who occasionally enjoys low-stakes midnight poker, Tom can be found saying "match the proof", "that's what she said" and "seriously, match the proof". He eats all day like a Hobbit.

Outside work Tom climbs rocks and takes photos. He loves cars, despises running and thinks Game of Thrones is vastly overrated tosh.

Mike Nicol

Digital Designer & UX Craftsman

Tea Lover. Pie Muncher. Hamster Appreciator. Man-Badger. All can be used interchangeably to describe this half of the Design Team.

Mike joined in 2003 with but a handful of drawings and a pocketful of HTML. 15 years later he has managed to become a key part of the NewZapp story, building and designing everything from bespoke email templates to NewZapp's own User Interface, and many things in between. Fun fact: Mike can also sweat profusely on command.

Patrick Grinsell

Lead Developer

Patrick joined NewZapp in 2012 and still hasn't got round to leaving. He develops all NewZapp's best systems and is forced to maintain other peoples' code too.

In his free time Patrick enjoys sci-fi, physics and more programming. He likes physics more than programming but has heard there's less money in it. He doesn't need glasses because he can C#.

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