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Digital campaign basics are create, send and track. With NewZapp’s easy to use software platform, you’ll be sending beautifully designed campaigns in minutes.

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Powerful Dynamic Reports

NewZapp LIVE! software provides in-depth analytics for your campaign. Providing intelligence on your campaign's digital marketing impact and conversions in one place.

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With over 50% of e-mails being opened on mobile devices it is vitally important that you have mobile friendly campaigns to look good on the latest smartphones and tablets.

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NewZapp Unlimited lets you send as many times as you want for a monthly fee based on the number of subscribers you have uploaded in to your account.

Full-service feature rich software developed, delivered and supported in the UK specifically for marketers.

Email marketing the easy way, for SMEs and big brands. Trusted by Network Rail & Royal Mail. Create Professional Campaigns, Sign up for a FREE Account. The UK's No.1 provider of real-time email marketing reports to small and medium enterprises. Digital campaigning using our responsive newsletter and content marketing platform gives you a unique edge as it allows you to automatically remove duplicate data from your sending lists and easily schedule responsive desktop and mobile campaigns. By scheduling regular campaigns to your subscribers you can take advantage of drip marketing techniques.


NewZapp is an email marketing service that you can access from anywhere. In an age where everything has gone cloud-based, and for good reason, it's reassuring to know that we have been delivering cloud-based email distribution services in the UK for over 10 years. Our software platform enables you to send high volumes of email to your opt-in subscriber database. You can create your content using our Easy To Use Editor with your own html newsletter templates, a template from our Free Template Library or with a Custom Template designed by our professional design team. Using our designers ensures your template is designed to match your brand, fully mobile responsive, displays correctly on all e-mail clients and devices and looks fantastic when it is delivered to your subscriber's inbox. Remember to add Social Media buttons to your campaigns using NewZapp's Social Media Integration Tools. Once you've had our designers getting your mobile responsive html template looking at it's best and you've added your content using the HTML Editor, you'll want as many people as possible to share it online!


With our subscriber management tools you can upload your subscriber data quickly using our Express Import and collect new subscribers directly from your website using our Online Sign-up Plugin, segment the data how you want by using groups and custom fields. Tagging your data how you want so that when it comes time to send you can choose only the subscribers required for your current campaign. The sending platform will then build all of the individual messages using our html creator software. Once your campaign has been sent using our high performance mail servers, NewZapp manages the bounces for you automatically and intelligently manages the IP addresses used to send your campaigns.


Once your emails have been sent you can then track their performance through NewZapp's LIVE! Reporting. LIVE! provides the best real-time email marketing reports in the industry. Hotspot reports showing you a heatmap of where your subscriber engagement is happening, full data for exporting, LIVE! Graphing you can zoom in to and visually see the performance of your campaigns, instant visbility of your subscribing audience's mail client and device, social media extensions to track Twitter and Facebook social sharing, full integration with Google Analytics. No other reports give you as much data in real-time as NewZapp does, you can even produce a full PDF report to take to your next marketing meeting complete with your own branding!


If you need any help we are available by phone and email to support your email marketing best practices in the UK and you can access our ever growing support community where NewZapp users share their tips and help other users. You'll also find our expert advisors in the support community who can help with everything from adding a simple email newsletter template to your account and industry best practices. If you need full on campaign management or to build a new responsive html template we have the marketing experts and creative designers to help. You can sit back and relax because at NewZapp we've got your email marketing campaigns covered.

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NewZapp Pay As You Go
The perfect solution for a one off campaign or if you're not planning to send a monthly newsletter or communication.

NewZapp Monthly Plans
Sending more than a one off newsletter campaign? Our dedicated professionals can provide you expert online & telephone support to help you create a beautifully designed campaign.

NewZapp Marketing Software Packages
A one off cost to satisfy all your e mail marketing software needs and help you send a mobile friendly campaign using a beautifully designed responsive template.

NewZapp Unlimited
If you need to send to your subscribers more frequently than once a month then our unlimited model might be for you.

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