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Upload your own Email

Coming to us from another provider (excellent decision by the way!) or you've got your own team of tame email designers? No problem.

We can upload your existing template into an account or you can upload it yourself using our Upload Email Feature.





Hold your Design Horses!

Before any mad gallops for the upload button we need to make sure any images are hosted ready for your awesome campaign, otherwise it will be the red cross of doom! They can be hosted on your own web space, or you can use your NewZapp Image Manager.


Using your NewZapp account to host images

Log into your account, click Create & Send and then click on any email in Navigation to call up the editor toolbar. Once active select Tools on the editor then Manage Images.(Right click on the icon for further help)


Once uploaded you can link to your NewZapp hosted images using the following file path:

img src=””
CID is your Customer ID number, click about in the top right of your NewZapp account to see yours. Replace CID with this number on your HTML design. If you're a NewZapp Reseller please contact your account manager for the unbranded file path.


Upload your email into NewZapp

Once you've sorted out your images it's time to resume your mad gallop for the upload button. Log into your account, click Create & Send and then click Upload Email in Navigation.

  1. An Upload Files page will load with guidance notes. The following types of files must be uploaded for each email:
    1.1  A .html file
    1.2  A .txt file
    For full details of what each file contains click here.
  2. Click on the Browse button and a Choose File pop-up will open.
  3. Click on the Upload File button.
    The .HTML and .TXT file must have the same file name
  4. During the upload process, the software will check the file for elements that might cause issues when sending the email. If any are detected they will be notified on a pop-up window. Click Ok to close the pop-up window.
  5. The software will automatically add the following unsubscribe footer.
    Follow this link to unsubscribe.
  6. Once the file(s) has been successfully uploaded, a Preview pane will load.
  7. The Preview pane has two tabs to enable preview of both the html and the text alternative.
  8. Under the Preview pane is an area to name the email and the subject line.
  9. Once entered, click Add email to my account (top right of the window) or alternatively, click Start Again.
  10. Once an email has been added to the account, the new email created in the Navigation panel, will automatically open.
  11. File Name and Subject Line will have been saved but are editable at this point.
  12. The From (Email Address) and From (Name) will have been automatically populated with details saved on the Account Preferences page in the Admin tab.
  13. Full details on creating your own editable templates can be viewed here Creating your own templates



Need a Hand?

Speak to your account manager about getting the files checked by our design team.
Call us on 0845 612 5544 or fill in a contact request form.