When should you send your email?

WhenIn this blog post I am going to talk about best practice when choosing when to send your email.

Now before I go into detail I must mention that even though certain industries may dictate that Tuesdays or Wednesdays get the best open rates it will always boil down to your own data.


These industry stats do not take into account your subscribersí locations or businesses, so I strongly recommend looking at the report section of your account to see when your best day and time is for opens and use this as a benchmark.


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This will depend though on whether you have ever varied the day and time of your send or if youíve always done same time, same day of the week.


Time of Day

Having subscribers spread across different time zones can affect your open rate by time of day. For example, while it maybe 9 am in London, it will be 1 am in Los Angeles, USA. This would mean if someone from this location received your email it might not be opened until 5pm UK time (when itís 9 am in Los Angeles). If you do happen to have subscribers spread across the globe it may be an idea to split your data by location. You can then schedule different campaigns at different times to suit your subscriberís office hours.


Not sure what time to send? I would say try between 11am and 3pm as an ideal time to send out your campaign if time zones donít apply.


Day of the week

Recent studies show that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday get the best open rates compared to the rest of the week.  I can only imagine that Mondayís are spent catching up on any replies or outstanding work from the previous week and Friday is spent chasing up any unfinished jobs. The middle of the week is always a safe bet as people tend to be less busy.


If you donít have a day set in stone I recommend Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdaysí as a good benchmark.


Date of the month

If you have promised to send your newsletter out on a certain date you should stick to it. Subscribers will notice these changes and this can affect the response rate you get, especially if a delay keeps your subscribers waiting for the newsletter. I would like to give advice on the best date to send out but as mentioned above it will always depend on the quality of your data and what date you have used in the past.


In different sectors, the beginning or the middle of the month may be very busy times and youíre likely to get overlooked, eg for accountants or those working in sales


Still not sure?

If you are still not sure when to send and donít have any day or date set in stone; try running a split test. What you will need to do for this is split your data in two, and send the same campaign but at two different days and times. You can then review this in the reports section and see what campaign gets the better response. This will help you to decide when is the best time, day and date to send your campaigns out.


Be aware:

  • Most UK business run 9am-6pm and are closed at weekends
  • The majority of mobiles come equipped with the ability to send and receive emails
  • Pay day usually falls during the last few days of the month
  • Public/School Holidays are a great excuse for a sale or special offer



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