How NewZapp LIVE! can help you
with your Email Marketing

How NewZapp LIVE! can help youHere at NewZapp we have recently launched our LIVE! reporting system, this allows you to see your campaign results in real time. Not just the opens and clicks but also Twitter and Facebook shares, and clicks on those shared links.


So in this blog post we're going to look through our new reporting suite and how each area can help you with your email marketing campaigns and management.



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How NewZapp LIVE! can help you

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Real-time Email Analytics

Once you send your campaign out you can view all of the analytics in real time. All you need to do is load the report and leave this open on the main “Hotspot” tab.


You will see in the top left hand corner there is a heading titled “Right Now”, this will then refresh whenever an email is opened or a link is clicked.


Below this we show the action (Click or Open) as well as the date and time this occurred and we show the subscriber by their email address.


How can this help me?

By using the real time reporting you can see what you peak open rate and clicks are, by monitoring this over time you can see what time these occur and maybe change the time and day that you send your email campaigns out.


You can also clearly see the opens on Desktop, Mobiles and Tablet so you know what most people are viewing your email on.




Using our Hotspot email view you can easily see which links were more popular than others. You will be able to see at a glance

  • Clicked links
  • Number of clicks on a link
  • Where the ‘hottest’ hotspots are on your newsletter


NewZapp LIVE Hotspot

How can this help me?

Attach the same link to text, an image or a button and see which gains the most clicks. This gives you an invaluable insight into your subscriber’s preferences.




In the Data tab you will be able to see the raw statistics of your email marketing campaigns. You can first see the total emails sent, the number and percentage opened, clicked, bounces and failed.


You can then drill down to view anyone who has opened, clicked in the email or view the bounces or failed emails. You can then use our “Group” feature at the bottom of the page to add the opens or clicks into a new group for when you’d like to target just the opens or clicks, or even re-send to anyone who has not yet opened your email.


NewZapp LIVE Data

How can this help me?

Within a few clicks you will be able to segment your data into smaller groups depending on their actions. Try re-sending your campaign 1 week later to anyone who has not yet opened or clicked in the email and see if a different subject line will catch their attention!




By using our Graph tab you can view the amount of opens by time and date up until the present time. This will allow you to look for any spikes in opens or clicks and see when the most of these occur over the last hour, day or week. You can also use the slider to manually narrow down the time frame to your own requirements.


NewZapp LIVE Graph

How can this help me?

By using the Graph tool you can see what you best time is for opens and clicks, this can then help you for future campaigns. By sending these out at your peak times in an attempt to increase the open and click through rates.




With our Client tab we track the type of device that was used to read the email on, this will either be Desktop, Mobile or Tablet. We also will display the “Client Summary” which tracks which email reader your subscribers are using to view your email and display this information.


This will allow you to view which device and email readers are being used by your subscribers.


NewZapp LIVE Client

How can this help me?

By using this feature you can see which email clients are popular for your subscribers, if you have large numbers of mobile users you should consider how your email marketing is appearing on these devices. Perhaps you need a template to display your email marketing message in the best way for each device.




The Social tab will show you all of your email campaign activity from Twitter and Facebook. This will show you how many shares, opens and clicks your campaign receives. This is split into two summaries; one for Twitter and one for Facebook.


As you can see on the image below it will show you the total activity per social network, as well as breaking this down into how many tweets/shares and opens and clicks.


Below this you have an area named “Activity Overview” that will show you who shared your campaign, the date and time they did this and how many opens this shared campaign has had.


NewZapp LIVE Social

How can this help me?

If you have a large number of mobile subscribers you should review how your email marketing is appearing on these devices. Perhaps you need a responsive template to display your email marketing message in the best way for each device.




Once you have setup your Google Analytics account and set goals for your visitors, you can then see this information in NewZapp under the “Analytics” tab.


NewZapp extracts the Google Analytics information related to your campaign and displays it within NewZapp – no need to wade through the complexities of Google Analytics.


We will show you the number of website visits, how many people viewed more than 1 page, goal starts and goal completions, so there is no need to flick back to Google Analytics to view this information!


NewZapp LIVE Analytics

How can this help me?

Links on your email newsletters drive traffic to your website. Within NewZapp you can see how subscribers are interacting with your website as a result of your email marketing.




The Print feature will allow you create your own customised report of your email campaign. You can start by adding your own cover image or logo and then all you need to do is select the items you wish to include in your report.


NewZapp LIVE Print

How can this help me?

You can use this to create your own customised and branded report of the email campaign. You can select which information to include in this report and then with a click of a confirm button your report is generated in PDF format ready to share with your manager at your next meeting.



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