Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can look at the different sections of our system and find any frequently asked questions that you might need help with.

We have separated these by the different subjects or tabs that can be found in the NewZapp system the help categorise your question that you may have. If your question can't be answered on here please email us at


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If I want to use NewZapp will I need to download any software?
No, NewZapp is a web application, so there is no download or installation required. With your unique login details you will have access to your account via any of the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera - on a Windows PC or an Apple Mac


What's an email template?
A template is a framework that makes email creation quick and easy for you. Templates come in all sorts of styles and layouts, and contain a series of editable areas for you to click into and add text and image content. As you create an email you will be able to click to preview how it is going to look as a finished email, and then when you are ready you will be able to send it to your distribution list.


What do email templates look like?
When you login to your NewZapp account you will find a selection of free templates in different layouts and colours, so that you can pick one that sets the right tone for your email. You can try different styles of template until you find one that works for you, or you can have one designed and built by the NewZapp team to your exact requirements.
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Can an email template be used more than once?
Yes, you can use templates over and over again; there is no limit on how many times.


If someone replies to my email where will it go?
When you create your campaign you can set your "From Address", this is what the reply address will also be on the email campaign. So make sure it is a valid email address that is monitored in case of any replies.


Will it be clear on the templates, where I'll need to put text where I put images?
Each template is made so that it's flexible for all types of content. Each time you click into an editable area on a template, you can insert text or image content, or a mixture of the two - into that one space! After inserting an image, your text will simply flow around it so that you're never left with empty white spaces on an email and each campaign will look tailor made.


When you say a bespoke email template, what do you mean?
A bespoke template is one that the NewZapp team design especially for you. It will match your own branding and cater for your own unique marketing needs. It can include time-saving elements that you would like to be on every email that you create (such as your logo, website quick links, sharing buttons and contact details for example). Having elements like these pre-set on a template means that making each new email campaign is all the more quicker to achieve as you never need to start from scratch. Other pre-set elements will be included such as your own choice of text style and colour appearing automatically as you type content.
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Am I going to need to get in touch each time I want to create a new email?
No. Your NewZapp account is accessible 24/7 via your personal login. There will be no need to book in an appointment, you can login and create new emails at any time which is convenient to you. The NewZapp system of storing your emails means that you can save an email at any point, and simply come back to it at a later date/time to finish and send it to your distribution list. You do not need to complete and send an email in one sitting.


What's the deadline for me to get copy to you for an email campaign?
There isn't one! The beauty of the system being online means that you have your own personal account area and complete control over the planning and scheduling of your email campaigns. You won't need to send content over to us, you simply login and make your emails at a time that suits you.


Do I need to book a time slot with you when I want to send out a campaign?
No, you will have complete control over the date and time you send out an email to your distribution list by logging into your account online. Some packages also include a scheduling tool so that you can plan ahead and set a date and time in the future for NewZapp to send your email for you.
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But what if I do want you to put the email together for me?
We know that time is money, and you have a million and one other things to do! So we also offer a service whereby we compile your campaign for you, in your account, from content provided.
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Will I need to have html skills to make email campaigns?
Absolutely not! We've spent years perfecting an editor that makes email creation really easy. From the basics of inserting text and images, to the more advanced features of adding tables, ‘sharing' buttons and uploading accompanying documents, you can get as creative as you want to!
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Will lots of images in my email make it a really big file size for some to receive?
No. To make sure that emails remain small in file size and quick to load on screen, NewZapp never embeds images or graphics within emails. Instead, there is code automatically included in each email you make, that calls the images into the email from your NewZapp account where you uploaded them. As well as ensuring that your emails are a small file size, this method is also what gives us the ability to report back to you that the email has been opened (eg. that the email has been displayed on a recipient's screen in its entirety).


If I don't want any images in my email, can you still include my logo?
If your logo can be replicated in real text, without any shapes or images, then yes. If not, because NewZapp doesn't use embedded images (see above) it will need to be included it as an image in your emails.


Can you avoid red crosses appearing in my emails?
Not if the emails contains any images or graphics. If your recipient has settings on their account to repress images, then some email applications use red crosses as their standard method of indicating where an image is included in a message. Others simply show the alt tag (alternative text) instead. But not all your recipients will have these settings and many email applications now load images by default. All email applications have clear instructions on how to allow images to show.


Can you make me an email template without any images on it?
If you have strong feelings about images, then just let us know when we talk about the requirements for your own bespoke template. We'll then do our very best to keep images to a minimum. It's worth bearing in mind though that lots of recipients and email readers now have default settings for images to display automatically as the email loads on screen, so having at least one image in your emails is unlikely to be an issue, particularly in B2C emails and especially if your distribution list has received emails from you before. You should also consider the affect on your campaign statistics, and an email which is virtually text only will need a strong call to action link for you to be able to evaluate the "open rate" of your email campaign.
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If I need to send a pdf with my email – can I attach it to my NewZapp email?
No. At NewZapp we believe that sending attachments on emails can seriously affect your chances of deliverability. So we provide every Newzapp account with free hosting space so that you can make your pdfs and other documents available for your recipients by viewing online, as a web page. You simply upload your document into your NewZapp account and then use the editor to make a link from your email to it. As well as this being a safer option, you have the added benefit of being able to track which of your contacts click to view the pdf.


What's the best size for a template?
From our experience we find that most templates are between 600 and 700 pixels wide, depending on how many columns it consists of and how much text needs to be included in the content. As there are all kinds of methods for viewing emails, it's not an exact science and sometimes it comes down to personal taste, or a particular design requirement, but this size range fits comfortably into most viewing panes and web based email readers. Very few templates have a defined height (unless specifically requested), as each one is designed to stretch as content is added so that you never have to worry about your emails including an exact number of words.


Can we make our own templates?
Yes. We know that you and your design team might wish to create your own templates, and that you might even want to make a new design from scratch for each campaign. So to guide you on how to do this we have a guide available that includes all the useful information that the NewZapp design team has learned over the years, about how email readers handle HTML and the best practices to follow. Once you have a new template ready, there's an Upload button in NewZapp to enable to you add it to your account.
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How can my designer create a NewZapp compatible template?
We have a guide on this which we recommend that your designer uses. It can be found here


Will my emails open ok on a mobile or will I need to make a separate version? Every template that we design at NewZapp is tested on two different types of mobile device (iPhone and android). We have methods to ensure that every email sent using one of our templates looks just as good on a mobile as it does in an application or web based email reader, without the need to make an email especially for mobiles. That way you don't need to manage two separate lists of contacts, one design fits all!


We have a special in-house font for all our communications. Can you set this font so that it automatically appears as I type content?
Yes we can specify particular fonts in bespoke templates, but you should bear in mind that, unlike web pages, for a font to display in an email the recipient must have it installed on their PC, Mac or mobile device. This is why there are only a handful of what the industry calls "web friendly fonts". These are the most reliable ones to use as they are available universally. Whilst we do make sure that a list of back-up fonts are included in the code (eg. waiting in line to display if the first choice isn't available), we'd suggest that using a universally available font style will mean that for peace of mind, your emails look the same in all instances.


What's the best file size for images in my emails?
We recommend trying to keep these to a minimum, because although images won't be embedded in your emails, the smaller they are in file size. the more quickly they will load on screen. We'd suggest aiming for a maximum of 10-15kb for best results.


Create & Send


How do I upload my own HTML template?
To upload your own HTML template go to "Create & Send" then under the left hand "Navigation" panel there are 4 icons, select the 3rd – "Upload". This will allow you to upload the .html and .txt versions of your campaign into your account.
We also have a detailed guide that can be found here


How can I personalise my email?
You can use certain tags to personalise the email for each subscriber. This can be done by using the following tags, just make sure they are all lower case letters for this to work correctly and make sure you test this first to yourself.


In some packages of NewZapp you can also create additional tags to personalise your email content with other specifics from your database, we call these Custom Tags.

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What are the best dimensions for images in my emails?

In terms of physical size, the dimensions of images (that are going to be viewed on screen) are measured in pixels, rather than in inches or centimetres when using images in printed material. Top tip: When you are creating an email in NewZapp, the interface will display for you how many pixels wide each editable area is as you click into it, this will give you a guide to what size you want an image to be, in that particular part of your email. Each bespoke template that we make will have images shown in the proof at the dimensions our designers think will work best for you. Once a template has been created, we include the best dimensions as a reminder in a guide available in your account.


Someone told me that alt tags are important on images, is that true?
An alt tag is a good way of implementing a Plan B. If someone does not have images set to automatically display then in most email applications an alt tag (alternative text) will display instead. This text can be useful to explain what the image contains and/or be part of the key message of the email campaign. At tags are automatically included on every image when we create a bespoke template for you, and there is also an option available on the editing tool bar to add alt tags when you are adding images to an email yourself.
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What do I need to do if the images I have are not the right size?
Here are 3 options to suggest: 1) Using a graphics application of your own, resize and/or crop your image to the size you wish it to display in your email, before uploading it to your NewZapp account. 2) Upload the image at its original size and use NewZapp's image editor to resize and/or crop. The editor will save the re-sized image with a new file name for you so that the original is still intact and to avoid caching issues on your computer. 3) Upload the image at its original size, insert it into the area of your email that you want it to appear, and then click and drag it to a smaller size by hand. This option does not cater for cropping of images and is only available if you use IE or Firefox as your preferred web browser.


What format do the images need to be in?
Images that are going to be viewed on screen need to be saved in RGB format (as opposed to CMYK which is the format for printed work) at a resolution of 70dpi. There is no benefit to saving images at a higher resolution as this is the maximum that a screen can render and will only increase the physical file size. Top tip: If images that you wish to include in an email already appear on your web site, then they will have already been saved to the specifications above by your web designer.


I have clicked on "Image Manager" but nothing happens?
Please check first the pop up window has not already appeared (by looking on your Operating Systems task bar). Also check that the pop up window has not been blocked, if it has there will be a message displaying by the URL address bar. If you click on this and select "Always allow pop-ups from this website" this will allow the popup to appear in future. 


I need to send a pdf with my email - will it have to be an attachment?
No. In NewZapp we allow you to upload documents to our system and then you can insert a link to these documents in your email. This means the email will not be heavy in size and won't get rejected. You can also see how many clicks the link has received in your campaign report.


I don't have a Twitter or Facebook account, can I still add Tweet and Share buttons on my emails?
Yes. It doesn't matter if you don't have a Twitter or Facebook account yourself, as the buttons will share your email on the recipient's own Twitter feed or Facebook wall for their followers and friends to see!


The font is appearing in different sizes and types when I send a test or use your preview function?
Usually this can happen if you have pasted content directly from Microsoft Word or an external program. We strongly recommend you paste this text into Notepad first to remove the formatting. Then paste from Notepad into the editor where you can style the text correctly. If you haven't pasted from Word but this happens then try to select the text again in the editor and re-format this by selecting the correct font type and size from the toolbar.


What is a good spam score?
Most of the spam filters use 5 as a threshold so anything under this will be allowed through so this is what to aim for. As long as it is below 5 you shouldn't have any problems. If you want to lower this score then take a look at our blog post titled 6 ways to avoid the spam traps.




How do I create a Signup form for my website?
We have an online guide for this that can be found here, we recommend that you ask your designer to do this for you -


I tried to import a file and it says it has quote marks, how do I remove these?
We have a guide on this which can be found here -


I am trying to import a file and it is showing loads of columns in my data headings?
Sometimes when you export data from your own system it can export columns of data that may contain spaces. What we recommend is that you copy the data columns you need (like first name, surname, email and company name) into a new excel spreadsheet. You can then save this new file as .csv and import this file.


When I import my address book will NewZapp de-dupe it?
Yes. Any duplicates in each list will be removed so you have any duplicates in your list they will be removed and only added to this list once.


I'm worried I've added an email address to my account twice, will that person now get two emails every time I send?
No, any duplicates in each list will be removed so fear not; they will only get one email from you!


What if someone wants to unsubscribe what do I need to do?
You can either ask them to click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email or you can do this on their behalf if they have complained directly to you. We recommend using the unsubscribe link so that this prevents any future contact via NewZapp.


Can I keep track of who's unsubscribed from my list?
Yes, if you go into the "Subscribers" tab, and under the left hand navigation select "ALL SUBSCRIBERS" you can filter these by clicking on the "Filter Options" button on the far right hand side. Now if you select "Unsubscribers" then click "Load subscribers" you will see any people who have unsubscribed highlighted in white. Any highlighted in orange are addresses that have bounced and the system has unsubscribed.


Is there a risk of me re-importing an email address that's unsubscribed from my list?
No, any unsubscribed addresses will not be allowed to be re-added into your account. If you look on the "Subscribers" tab, under "Subscriber Import History & Status" you can click on "details" of each import. Here you can see how many were imported and it will also state that a number were not imported due to having previously unsubscribed.


If someone has unsubscribed and would now like to resubscribe what do I do?
You will need to forward an email from the subscriber showing written request to be added back into your mailing list. This is so we have a paper trail showing proof they want to be re-subscribed.


Does an email only have to soft bounce once to be removed from my list?
No, if you have a professional or enterprise account you can set the threshold for soft bounces. This can be done in Settings > Edit your Preferences > Bounce Threshold. If you have a Lite account no threshold is set and these will not unsubscribe after many soft bounces so these addresses will remain in your list. You can remove these if you wish by going into your campaign report and selecting "Unsubscribe soft bounces" above the report summary.


How to I add my signup form to my Facebook Page?
We have written a guide on how you can do this, which can be found here:




What's the difference between a hard and soft bounce?
A hard bounce is a permanent failure to deliver the message so it is more than likely the email address or the domain does not exist anymore. A soft bounce is a temporary failure, so this could be anything from temporary network issues to their inbox being full.
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How do I cancel a campaign that is scheduled to go out?
To cancel a campaign you will need to go to the "reports" tab, on the left hand navigation you will see the campaign you have scheduled at the top. If you click on this once, the report will be empty bar the number of selected recipients. Now under the navigation you can use the delete icon to delete this campaign, it will ask you to confirm and then it will delete this and remove it from the system.


How do you know who's opened my email and when?
We place a piece of tracking code inside the email and every time this is loaded we mark the email as an open. You can view everyone who has opened the email in your campaign report by clicking on "Opened" under the email summary. You can then export this data if you wish by selecting the "Export" button above the summary.


If someone preview the email in Outlook, will it mark as an open?
This will depend on the subscribers mail settings - if you are a trusted sender it may opt to download the images and display the content but it does boil down to the individuals email client settings.


It says in my email report that someone opened it 156 times! That can't be right can it?
NewZapp will report each time the email is opened so possible that this person may have directly forwarded this email for colleagues to view. Then any time they view the email the images are being loaded the system is marking the email as an open, so forwarding the email is the most likely what happened.


I have tried using the "Forward to a friend" function but it just loads or times out?
If this happens it may mean that the person you are frowarding this to has either already received the email or been forwarded it using this function. You can only receive or be forwarded the email once, this is so no one can abuse this function in any way. Try a new address instead to see if this works.




How can I see my useage and remaining email quota?
If you go to the "Settings" tab there will be an area showing your current "Account Useage" and below this in a smaller green coloured font will show your remaining email quota.


How do I change my password?
To change your password we will need to do this for you. What you need to do is get the account holder to email requesting a new password and if you have a preference on what the password should be. We will email you back once this has been changed for you.


How do I change my payment card that is being used?
To do this you will need to go to the "Settings" tab and then on the left hand navigation select "Payment Cards". You current card will display and you can add a new card only if you have an invoice due.