Creating Your Own Custom Data Fields

Creating custom data fieldsIn this guide I will show you how to create your own custom data fields which will allow you to import your own data fields into the NewZapp Email Marketing system.


By creating your own custom data fields you will be able to import your own data into the system and then personalise your email campaigns with this information. For example you could use employee number, account number, username, password or any other type of information you hold or have previously collected from your subscribers.


Please note; this custom data field will need to be added before you can import the data into the system.


The following choices of Data Type are available:


String: Any combination of numbers & letters. Maximum number of characters: 4092


Number: Any number, including those with a decimal point. Spaces cannot be used in a number field. Maximum number of characters allowed: 10.


Date/Time: Any date, or date and time, with the format dd/mm/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm.


Yes/No: Field can contain only yes or no or true or false or 0 or 1.


To add a custom data field, you will first need to navigate to the admin tab just by clicking on admin tab. Once the page loads - click on the option "Custom Fields" on the left hand side navigation, as shown in the screenshot below.


Step 1


This will load the Custom Fields application and show in the main section of the screen. Now to add your own custom field click on the option "Add Custom Field" which is again shown in the screenshot below.


Step 2


Now you will see the "add custom field" box will appear, here you can give the field name this is what you will use as a header to import data and use as the tag when personalising your campaigns. You also need to select the data type, you can do this by clicking on the drop down box option and selecting the appropriate option. In the example below I have set the field name as "accnumber" and set the data type to Number.


So if I wanted to personalise a campaign with this data I would write the tag @accnumber@ - which would be replaced by the data I have imported. Once you are happy with your field name and data type just click the "add field" button below the field name.


Step 3

Now the custom field has been successfully added it will show just like the screenshot below;


Step 4

If you click on the newly created field it an information tab will show at the bottom of the page - as illustrated in the screenshot below.


This will allow you to change the name if you wish; you can also delete the field if it is no longer needed.


Step 5


That is it! I hope this guide helps and if you have any questions please contact us on 0845 612 5544 or email us at



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Gracie Stewart - NewZapp Email Marketing Executive
Gracie Stewart - Marketing Executive

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