Create your own NewZapp Email Templates!

The NewZapp Designer’s Guide v3.0Here at NewZapp we know a thing or two about designing HTML emails, and we are only too happy to share that knowledge with those HTML and CSS-savvy customers who like to roll their sleeves up and get stuck into the coding themselves.



NewZapp Designer’s Guide


Download the Designer's Guide here

 1.49mb pdf

What’s included?

The Designer’s Guide has been written specifically for designing both editable and non-editable HTML templates, taking on board all the latest methods and practices that make sure your emails look good cross-browser in all readers.

We also explain step-by-step how to include features such as social media sharing and background images (that do work in Outlook!) in your email campaigns - and illustrate the usability of other features available in your NewZapp account.

The guide takes you through the entire design process in logical order from start to finish, and includes free example templates for you to refer to as you go.

We show you:

  • How the NewZapp system creates multipart templates using HTML and text files
  • The best way to create HTML code and content for consistent results in all major email readers
  • How to code both editable and fixed-content templates
  • Techniques for overcoming rendering issues in mobile platforms like Android and iOS
  • An easy method of including "hide or show" elements in templates to make them as flexible as possible
  • How to add social bookmarking to your NewZapp email templates so recipients can easily share email campaigns on social networks
  • How to incorporate the many great features of the NewZapp system
  • Tips for testing your email templates in a wide range of readers so you can be sure your email campaign looks great for all your recipients


And there’s more …

Something that should come in especially handy, is The NewZapp Designer’s Toolkit and Reference.

As designers creating HTML and text templates, we've long been in the habit of keeping useful snippets of code that can be quickly copied and pasted over and over, along with useful colour and font references. So we thought it made sense to include these in the new Designer’s Guide too!


Simply go to the Designer’s Toolkit at the end of the Designer’s Guide to find a veritable cornucopia of code snippets and references including:


   - NewZapp custom tags
   - Essential <meta> tags and other code for the <head> of the HTML template
   - Commonly used web-friendly font families and sizes
   - Inline CSS code for editable and fixed text fields
   - Code for adding fixed Twitter ‘Tweet’ and Facebook ‘Share’ buttons

   … and much much more!


So now there’s no excuse for anyone with a good understanding of HTML and CSS not to have a go!

Alternatively …

... the easiest thing to do by far would be to let our team of talented designers take the strain and put together your template for you (seeing as you get one free with every best-selling Professional or full-featured Enterprise package anyway!).

We design exactly to your brand and specific email layout requirements, then test thoroughly in all the major email readers. All you have to do is plug in your content then send and track the results. Who said Email Marketing was difficult?


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