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Need some marketing inspiration? Take a look at our best practice articles packed full of tips and advice on how you can improve your marketing.

  • 8 reasons professional copywriting is essential
    In this article we take a look at Copywriting Devon's 8 top reasons professional copywriting is essential to get better results from your email campaigns. We feature advice from Director of Copywriting Devon, Derryck Strachan, as well as our own tips for getting the most out of your copy.
  • The 10 commandments of B2B newsletters (which are read not deleted)
    This article has been written by guest author Onefish Twofish, business communication specialists.  In this article they give you their 10 commandments of effective newsletter writing.
  • Building a brand - know, like and trust
    Building and maintaining a brand is vital to the long term success of your business. Everything you do has an impact on your brand.  In this article we take a look at how you can build your brand.
  • Bullet point best practice
    Recently we've been reading a number of articles and posts about bullet points. Email marketers often rely on bullet points to summarise long content and outline key parts of their product or service offering. How can we ensure that our bullet points are working hard? How do we build brilliant bullet points that return better business? We've taken all of this knowledge and guidance into account and created an article about bullet point best practice.
  • Don't be afraid of competing with the big brands 
    All too often small businesses believe they can't compete with big brands. In fact in the modern marketing age there are many opportunities for small businesses to achieve market share and compete with even the largest global brands. In this article we'll give you a few quick and easy ways to compete with big brands.
  • Reach for the stars, not for the benchmark
    Benchmarks can help us make the right business decisions. However, far too often we say things like "we're above the industry average".  The truth is, performance against benchmarks means very little if we fail to meet our internal target.  In this article we look at the questions you should really be asking yourself and how you can set realistic targets.
  • Someone told me you're the best in the business
    Get a quote and win more business. It's that simple. Referrals and word of mouth have always been fantastic marketing tools. However, they can be hard to predict and even more difficult to control. That's where customer quotes can help. In this article we give you our top tips for collecting customer quotes.
  • Take a closer look at your marketing voice
    One problem with knowing so much is that you forget to hear your marketing voice. It's easy to forget we're writing for the reader and not ourselves. One common mistake is to overuse acronyms and industry jargon. In this article we give you our top tips for writing jargon free, easy to read marketing copy. 
  • Turn up the volume - better communication improves sales
    This article has been written by guest author Dale Howarth, business consultant, acclaimed speaker and founder and managing partner of Jigsaw Sales and Marketing Consultants.  In this article Dale looks at how maintaining good relationships with your customers through better communication can benefit your business.

Related Articles

  • Boost your marketing with topical content
    In order to achieve the best results, it's good practice to plan your email campaigns in advance.  However, one of the many advantages of email marketing is it enables you to quickly react to marketing opportunities when they occur.  In particular, it allows you to take advantage of topical news and events to boost your marketing. In this article we look at the things you should consider when writing about topical content.
  • Don't save the best until last
    After reading Seth Godin's 'I'm sorry, we're out of time' we concluded that sometimes it isn't best to save the best until last. It may seem like a good idea to have your exciting message as the final flourish to your email but what if your recipient doesn't have time to read the whole thing? In this article we identify a few things you should consider when planning your campaigns.
  • Managing the gap between expectation and experience
    The gap between expectation and experience can make the difference between success and failure. Large gaps often result in lower conversion and higher unsubscribe rates. In this article we look at how you can manage this gap in order to maximise the success of your marketing.
  • What does this remind you of?
    Comparison forms the foundation for decision making and aids our ability to interact with new things. The first time we see an email newsletter we'll ask ourselves "what does this remind me of?" In this article we look at how you can be associated with the good and to use association and recognition to achieve your email marketing goals.

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