How Reseller Works


NewZapp Email Marketing are the only UK based provider who can get you set up, white labeled and reselling for FREE in a matter of minutes.

bullet Create your FREE account.

Sign up today for your free account here. Once you've received your logins contact one of our sales team on 0845 612 5544 to activate the reseller features on your account.


bullet Send us your Logo

We will add your logo to our FREE white labelled skins. Instantly changing our home - to your home! Alternately we can send you a Reseller white label pack which will give you the power to create your own skins.


bullet Set up your Products & Pricing

Create new names and set new prices for all our NewZapp products with your own branding and profit margins in your reseller management area. These are the products your customers will be able to see and purchase directly from you.


bullet Start making Money!

Set up accounts for your customers and get them sending! Each customer will have their own account login and you'll have control over their sending volumes and access. You can even set different prices for each customer.