Your Prices - Your Profit

What you Pay

No set up fees and free white labelling means you don't spend a penny until your first customer is ready to start sending. Each account you bring on board has their own allocation of "Send Up To" email quota, giving you maximum control over billing them individually.


Your First Customer

Once you've set up an account for your first Email Marketing customer you'll need to select a monthly tariff for them based on their sending volumes and feature requirements.

The features your customers will enjoy depends on the rates package selected, click here for more details on what each feature set provides.

The more accounts you sell - the less you pay!

As your new Email Marketing service grows the prices you pay reduce! NewZapp's tiered discount scheme means our "Power Sellers" receive a massive 50% discount off the send up to rates above!


Want to know how to become a Power Seller? Speak to one of our team on 0845 612 5544 today or complete this quick contact form for instant access to our full pricing and much more.


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