Our most popular package. Perfect for first time senders and serious email marketers thanks to UK based phone support and stunning email designs.

Swansea Bay Tourism

Moving to NewZapp has enabled us to manage the look and
content of our e-newsletters much more efficiently.

Phone Support

Our friendly expert team are on hand to provide advice and guidance so you can make the most of your email marketing.

Bespoke Email Design

All of our new clients get a fully bespoke email design. Our design team will build you an email template to match your company branding.

Royal Mail

What we were looking for was a cost effective email marketing supplier, NewZapp fitted the bill perfectly.

Professional Enterprise Enterprise XL
from £80 per month

Perfect for first time senders and serious email marketers thanks to UK based phone support and fully branded bespoke email designs.

from £125 per month

Automated sending, amazing tracking, database segmentation, A.P.I and Google Analytics integration.

All the tools you need to run detailed email marketing campaigns. Find out more

from £375 per month

Email performs at its best when part of a complete strategy.

Enterprise XL takes your emailing to the next level with regular strategy meetings, your own dedicated domain & IP address and full in-house training. Find out more

Sending CreditsNumber of emails you can send without additional charge. More sending credits can be purchased if required.
more can be purchased if needed
more can be purchased if needed
more can be purchased if needed
Contract PeriodMinimum period is 12 months, speak to a member of our team about discounts for 24 & 36 month contracts.
12 months 12 months 12 months
Bespoke Email DesignOur design team will create, build and test a branded mobile responsive email template to your exact specifications.
Yes Yes Yes
UK Based ServersNewZapp is 100% based in the UK, ensuring the highest standard of email deliverabilty and data security.
Yes Yes Yes
Full Compliance With The
UK Data Protection ActWe are a registered data processor on the UK Data Protection Act registry. None of your data will be accessable by any 3rd parties.
Yes Yes Yes
Phone SupportUnlike U.S based suppliers, you can call our support team for help Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.
Yes Yes Yes
Email Strategy PackYou will be assigned an account manager, preferably with experience in your industry.

They will work closely with you to deliver an initial email strategy with measurable results.

Every quarter your account manager will conduct a review meeting with you to analyse previous campaigns and plan future emails.
additional monthly fee
additional monthly fee
Silver Domain PackThis pack includes a new branded domain for sending email campaigns with. For example:

This domain will use delivery authentication such as SPF, DKIM & DMARC. Improving deliverability whilst removing the risk of getting your primary domain blacklisted.
additional monthly fee
additional monthly fee
additional monthly fee
Gold Domain PackAll of the elements of a Silver Domain Pack with the addition of your own IP address for sending your emails with.
additional monthly fee
additional monthly fee
additional monthly fee
Powerful Easy To Use Drag & Drop Editor Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Integration Yes Yes Yes
Create Campaigns Quickly & Easily Yes Yes Yes
Free Template Library Yes Yes Yes
Upload Your Own Emails Yes Yes Yes
Email Personalisation Yes Yes Yes
Email Preview Yes Yes Yes
Link To Documents / PDFs Yes Yes Yes
Link To Websites Yes Yes Yes
Link To Mailbox / Email Address Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Online Version Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Text-Only Version Yes Yes Yes
Automated Unsubscribe Facility Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Test Sends Yes Yes Yes
Email Archive Yes Yes Yes
Online Document Storage 10MB 50MB 200MB
Forward To A Friend Feature   Yes Yes
Navigation Folder Management   Yes Yes
Additional Article Template   Yes Yes
Custom Tags     Yes
Google Analytics Integration     Yes
Split A/B Campaign Creation     Yes
Delivery Tested Templates Yes Yes Yes
FREE Template Library Yes Yes Yes
FREE Custom Design Template   Yes Yes
Article Functionality   Yes Yes
Landing Pages     Yes
Multipart Delivery Yes Yes Yes
Text Only Version Yes Yes Yes
From Address Of Your Choice No Extra Charge No Extra Charge No Extra Charge
Reply Address Of Your Choice No Extra Charge No Extra Charge No Extra Charge
UK High Performance Servers Yes Yes Yes
Inbox Delivery Management Yes Yes Yes
ISP White Listed Servers Yes Yes Yes
Delivery Throttling for High Volume   Yes Yes
Campaign Scheduling     Yes
Pause Campaign     Yes
Split A/B Testing     Yes
REAL-TIME Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Delivered Yes Yes Yes
Opened Yes Yes Yes
Clicked Yes Yes Yes
Bounced Yes Yes Yes
Data Tables Yes Yes Yes
Prospect List Report Yes Yes Yes
Reporting Advice   Yes Yes
Automatic Hard-Bounce Cleaning   Yes Yes
User Control Soft-Bounce Cleaning   Yes Yes
Overlay Hot-Spot Report   Yes Yes
Tabular Reports   Yes Yes
Graphical Reports     Yes
Graphical Analysis     Yes
Data Mining     Yes
Campaign Data Export     Yes
Automated Update Report by Email     Yes
Campaign Filtering     Yes
Campaign Comparison     Yes
Group Analysis     Yes
Split A/B Test Reporting     Yes
Data Look-Up / Filtering Yes Yes Yes
Create Individual Subscribers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Delete Subscribers Yes Yes Yes
Import Data List Wizard Yes Yes Yes
XML Data Support Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Excel Data Support Yes Yes Yes
List Cleansing Yes Yes Yes
Data De-duplication Yes Yes Yes
Automated Unsubscribe Manager Yes Yes Yes
Data Import Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Subscriber Grouping Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Online List Builder Sign-Up Form Yes Yes Yes
Export By Data Lookup Yes Yes Yes
Data Management Advice   Yes Yes
Automated Forward To A Friend   Yes Yes
NewZapp API Connectivity     Yes
Custom Data Fields     Unlimited
Export By Group     Yes
Export All Data     Yes
Extensive Online Resource Hub Yes Yes Yes
How To Guides Yes Yes Yes
Free Email Support Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Telephone Support   Unlimited Unlimited
Expert Marketing Advice   Yes Yes
Best Practice Advice   Yes Yes
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Features Professional Enterprise Enterprise XL
Drag and Drop editor  
Build your emails with our easy to use drag and drop editor.
tick tick tick
Free template library tick tick
Upload your own emails  
Got an HTML email that's ready to go? Upload the entire HTML with images in minutes.
tick tick
Social Media Integration tick tick
Custom Tags  
Personalise your emails and dynamically segment your data with this powerful tool.
Full phone supportticktick
High delivery rates  ticktick
Campaign schedulingtick
A.P.I  tick
Segmentation  tick
LIVE! Hotspot  ticktick
LIVE! Data  ticktick
LIVE! Graphtick
LIVE! Client  tick
LIVE! Socialtick
LIVE! Analyticstick
LIVE! Print  tick
Export Reports  tick
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Your database with Twitter Integration.

Let your database increase the impact of your Email Marketing.

Add Facebook share and Tweet buttons to your campaign to expand the reach of your emails.

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Awesome emails with our Designer Guide.

Our top notch design team have documented everything you need to create fully optimised beautiful emails that look great in every email client reader.

download a copy...


Via our UK Based white listed servers.

Why does that matter?

Your data remains secure under the terms set by UK data protection act. And emails will be sent from the UK which improves delivery.

high delivery rates...


Your Opens & Clicks in with NewZapp.

Who opened or clicked your email, when and how many times?

See the reports as a whole and drill right down to the subscriber level.

real time reporting...

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