Managed Service Email Marketing

Email Marketing performs at its best when part of a complete digital strategy. Outsourcing your email campaigns to NewZapp gives you the power to focus on other business goals whilst we create, send and track your email marketing.


managed service email marketing

We’ll take care of everything.

Let NewZapp become your email marketing manager.

Our email marketing experts will create your email campaigns for you, proof it, test it across all email clients, and then send to your chosen database.

Advanced campaign management come with detailed feedback on your email analytics and advice for future campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to save time or improve response rates, our managed service campaigns will take your emails to the next level.

From just £295 a month.

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Responsive email design

Responsive Email Design.

Ensure your company brand and profile is protected with a custom built responsive email design.

Our design team will take a brief, proof it back, build and then test a HTML template for you to create professional emails with every time.

Using NewZapp ensures your template is designed to match your brand, fully mobile responsive, displays correctly on all e-mail clients and devices and looks fantastic when it is delivered to your subscriber’s inbox.

Are your email campaigns mobile responsive?

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Database Management

Database Management.

An email marketing campaign is dependent on a good quality, well maintained database.

Poor quality data can effect deliverabilty and brand reputation so we cleanse your database after each import & campaign.

We’ll ensure your email campaigns are driven to the specific targets in your database, improving response rates and ROI.

Does your website collect email addresses?

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Email Campaign Delivery


Anyone can claim to send an email, it's delivery that counts.

With mobile devices, email clients and spam filters changing almost daily it’s never been more important to ensure all of your boxes are checked before sending.

Our managed service campaigns take this burden off your shoulders.

Every email sent is checked and verified before distribution via our UK based globally white-listed servers, getting you into your target market inboxes.

Do you know if your email is being delivered?

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Email Analytics

Email Analytics.

The most crucial element of any email marketing campaign.

Real-time email tracking backed up with industry expert levels of analysis and recommendation. All managed service campaigns come with a full report detailing the impact of your email.

Open & click rates, email client monitoring, A/B split testing and visual hotspot tracking. Everything you need to build a successful email strategy.

What was the open and click rate of your last campaign?

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Email Marketing Strategy.


Invested in your email marketing success.

Dedicated account management from email marketing experts. Our managed service team members have a minimum 5 years experience in email marketing.

We’ll spend time getting to know your business so we can deliver an email strategy with measurable performance that maximises your brand and your vision.

Whether you’re looking to send a one off promotion or a regular email campaign, we've a huge wealth of experience and knowledge for you to take advantage of.

All sound good?

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What can we do for you?

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