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Your brand & reputation is very important.


It was established by hard work and commitment over a long period of time. Unfortunately, losing that reputation can take a few seconds. Thatís why itís vitally important to protect this element of your business.

Email Authentication

A very important part of email marketing is the correct email authentication.

Without it you run the risk of having your emails blocked and/or having your domain blacklisted.

Due to its technical nature, even seasoned marketers may need help putting the right structure in place.

The three primary email authentication protocols are SPF, DKIM & DMARC.

How can we help improve deliverability

How does email authentication improve deliverability?

When you send an email it comes from two addresses, these are labelled the envelope and header addresses.

The header is your email address, which is visible to the recipient in their inbox. This email address will receive any replies sent by the recipient.

The envelope will be an address for your email marketing provider, this address is hidden in the message along with technical data such as IP address used and where to send bounce messages.

Spam & message filters look to block
spoofed or phishing emails Spoofing & Phishing email are attempts to trick you into giving out personal information such as your passwords and bank details.

They are sent by spammers pretending to be an organisation or person you know, like a bank or family member, when in fact the true source of the email is them.
. They do this by checking if the domain owner (the header address) gives the sending server (the envelope address) permission to send emails on its behalf.

By having the correct
Sender Policy Framework

Domain Keys Identified Mail

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance
in place you authenticate the sending server in the eyes of the filter. Improving deliverability because your email marketing provider has permission to send emails on your behalf.

Happy to give this a go? Follow this link to add our standard SPF and DMARC details to your DNS record.

How can we help improve deliverability

How We Help

We take care of everything.

Our Silver & Gold Domain Packs give you the domain protection you need whilst providing all the email authentication required.

Sending your email campaigns via a branded sub domain keeps your primary business domain free from out of office replies and safe from any blacklists.

Silver Pack

This pack includes a new branded domain for sending email campaigns with.

You can have this domain forwarded to an address of your choosing or access it directly via a webmail portal.

For example:

This domain will use email authentication such as SPF, DKIM & DMARC. Improving deliverability.

What's Included

✔   Dedicated Domain Name for your Campaigns

✔   SPF & DMARC DNS record management

✔   DKIM verifying sender certificate

✔   IP & Domain Reputation monitoring

✔   Custom Reply To addresses

✔   Webmail access for the new inbox and forwarding.

Gold Pack

All of the Silver Pack with the addition of your own dedicated IP address for delivery.

An IP which is monitored 24/7 across all the major spam filtering companies.


Silver Pack £45pm + vat

Gold Pack £95pm + vat

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