Exeter company chosen by Royal Mail to provide new service to small businesses

22nd June 2012

Exeter company chosen by Royal Mail to provide new service to small businesses


Exeter based NewZapp, one of the UKs leading email marketing software providers, has been chosen by Royal Mail along with a select group of other innovative business service providers to deliver a range of flexible services to help small businesses grow. The new services are part of a new Royal Mail product initiative called Simple Ways To Grow (www.simplewaystogrow.com).


NewZapp was chosen to be the email marketing provider after Royal Mail consulted with a wide range of firms to help choose both the right services and the right service providers.


Packages start at just 28 per month and offer exceptional value for money at a time when small businesses need affordable high return marketing.

"Each service provider is both an expert in its own field and in helping small businesses grow and manage their affairs key criteria to join the scheme." said Royal Mail's head of innovation, Jonathan Tonge.


Started in 1998, NewZapp has grown from humble beginnings in a spare room to a company now recognized as leaders in providing email marketing to small and medium sized businesses.


NewZapp Email Marketing Managing Director Trevor Munday said he was delighted to be involved in the project with Royal Mail. "'Simple Ways to Grow' is a fantastic package of essential business services at a great price aimed at small businesses. The packages provide everything a small business needs to effectively market themselves both online and offline and manage their growth." he said. "Email Marketing is a crucial part of every marketer's strategy and NewZapp is proud to be able to offer its leading email marketing platform to small businesses with the desire to grow."


The deal with Royal Mail, signed last December, means the Exeter based firm will be growing rapidly to support the increase in business.  "This is a huge opportunity for us as a company and means we will be increasing our staffing over the next 18 months as well as moving to bigger offices.  It is great that as a southwest company we have been able to deliver a product and service recognised as being at the top in our industry." said Trevor Munday.

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To find out more about what Simple Ways to Grow can do for your business, visit the website at www.simplewaystogrow.com or call 0845 605 7023.