Mobile Responsive Email Template Design

Your subscribers world has changed, a recent study claimed we're on our mobile phone every 6 minutes, checking it on average 150 times a day! This begs the question, does your Email Marketing campaign look good wherever it's seen? Are you using a responsive HTML email template?

Create Beautiful Emails with NewZapp

Desktop - Mobile - Tablet

Make your emails stand out with a Mobile Responsive Design. Responsive HTML email templates give you the power to create campaigns which display perfectly on desktops, smart phones and tablets.

Your email will automatically display beautifully on all devices thanks to our amazing design team, leaving you free to concentrate on the campaign message without having to worry about responsive HTML.

With NewZapp LIVE! Client you'll be able to see instantly who is reading the campaign and on what device.

Responsive Email Template

Create your email campaign in desktop or mobile editor mode.


With NewZapp’s easy to use software, you’ll be effortlessly sending your beautifully crafted responsive emails in minutes.

LIVE! Client

LIVE! Client provides in-depth analysis of what device your subscribers are using to view your email.


Tracking your campaigns across social media and your website whilst giving you detailed reports on your email’s reach and conversions all in one place.

Your Email's Journey

Emails used to go from inbox to inbox on the desktop.


Today they take an amazing journey via smart phones, tablets, desktops & social media.

Create the Perfect Email

We've put together a handy guide for creating killer mobile friendly campaigns.


A copy of which will be emailed to you after you open your FREE Account.