Who's reading your email?

Target Marketing with NewZapp Email Marketing

Real Time ROI


Prepare to loose the afternoon watching your email in action with NewZapp LIVE! The quickest, most in-depth and informative real time reporting system available.


Choose from a variety of different screen views to watch in real time:

  1. Whose opening your email
  2. Whose clicked on any of the links
  3. Where they clicked on your email

"The NewZapp reports feature allows us to monitor customer responses that help to improve our marketing techniques."


LIVE! Client - Knowledge is Power


Your subscriber isn't stuck on a desktop any more and neither is your email campaign. Your email is been read on mobiles, tablets and desktops from the moment it's been sent.


Using NewZapp LIVE! Client you can now see what Device and Email Client your subscribers are using to read your email campaign on. Armed with this knowledge you can start to target your subscribers with more tailored campaigns suited to the device.


"Using NewZapp has had a major impact, not just in lead generation but our ability to track and measure who is interested in our service."

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