Easy Campaign Scheduling

Easy Campaign Scheduling with NewZapp Email Marketing

Who and When


Happy you've created the greatest email the world has ever seen? Then it's time to send!


Hit your target market with NewZapp's Campaign Scheduling. Select who the email needs to go to and when you'd like to send it.


When should you send your email? The default industry standard suggests you should send B2B emails Tuesday or Thursday at either 11am or 2pm and B2C email Wednesday or Friday late afternoon.


We're all different so why stick to the same plan? It's a great place to start but the only people who can answer this question for you are your subscribers. When do they open your email? When does the phone start ringing after a campaign has been sent?


We encourage NewZapp users to look at their open peaks to gauge when their subscribers are most active.


"Using NewZapp's intuitive online interface to send details of our latest products has opened new doors and brought customers back."


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