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Maritime Plymouth Newsletter

Notes for your diary

31 January Paint Spraying and GRP in Boatyards - Safety Information Workshop
31 January Tierra del Fuego to S. Georgia Marine Conservation Society talk by Dominic Flint
6 February Assertiveness at Work - One day course by EEF Western.
7 February Health & Safety in an Office Environment - One day course by EEF Western.
9 February Shipwreck Conference
27 Febrary Marine South West Conference 2008 'Celebrating Success'
28 February Submersible observations of Arctic coral reefs Marine Conservation Society talk by Jason Hall-Spencer
28 February British Red Cross Fund Raising Event for new 4x4 for Devon with Debra Searle.


The alligators in the swamp

The EU Maritime Policy, described in the last issue, received the seal of approval at December's EU Summit, with, as Joe Borg, European Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, put it at an EPC Breakfast Policy Briefing, "the European Council conclusions serving as "its birth certificate.""
He also announced that European Maritime Day will be on 20 May.
Defra is consulting on a Recreational Sea Angling (RSA) Strategy for England.
The Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) has launched a consultation on the selection of the first tranche of Offshore Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) within UK offshore waters.
If you are at all interested in the marine environment this consultation document is worth reading for the background information on the legislation and its description of the habitats that need preservation.
The House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee reported in March of this year that many coastal towns face significant challenges based on their combination of characteristics, warranting specific attention and action by Government to address them.
The Sutton Harbour Area Action Plan is now ready for its public examination.  We have suggested that it is inconsistent with itself and the core strategy in not taking sufficient account of maritime users of the waterfront.
The Council, Chamber of Commerce, Government Office, Business Link and South West England Regional Development Agency have come together to draw up a Strategic Investment Framework (SIF) for the delivery of the Urban Enterprise priority.


Apostleship of the Sea (AOS)

Louise Carter is a member of Maritime Plymouth.  If you met her at one of our network meetings, you'd think, "what a nice girl."  You wouldn't think she'd go in for   "hanging around the docks, ministering to sailors."  But that's exactly what she does as the southwest regional chaplain for AOS.


Get into Boats

The Princes Trust are looking for work experience placements in the Devonport area to complete a course they are running called "Get Into Boats".


"The Sea"

"The Sea" is going to be  the UK's first glossy consumer magazine dedicated to the marine world.  The publishers are making a special pre-launch subscription offer to Maritime Plymouth members.


Tectona flies Red Ensign again

After over 20 years with a Swiss youth training charity,the 1928 gaff ketchTectona is back in British ownership.


New launch from Aquaflyte

Aquaflyte sport ribs launched their new sport rib/tender 325 at the London 2008 boat show.


Maritime Networks Survey

The EU Maritime Policy includes a plan to foster a network of maritime clusters and gives a list of things the Eurocrats think they should do.  We asked you to give us some idea of how important you think these activities are.  A summary of the responses.


New project for Maritime Plymouth

We have long sought to promote the marine sector as a great place to undertake a challenging career.
That expertise will be put to good effect in an EU project - "Promoting Marine Research Careers" (PROMARC).


Row Commando

Congratulations to Lieutenant Orlando Rogers and Captain Ben Gaffney who have just rowed into history as the first serving Royal Marines Officers ever to successfully cross the Atlantic in a rowing boat.


Public art - what do we want?

Let's throw our hats in the air, and give a loud hoorah (or hooray, depending on your social grade) for Devonport Regeneration Community Partnership (DRCP) for daring to think beyond the usual in public art.


Two new maritime businesses

Some people believe that the maritime sector is too diffuse to be treated as a single entity.  Others see the sector's diversity as part of its strength, even if it makes it more difficult to manage - "like herding cats."  Polar Venture and Applied Research in Geomatics, Atmosphere, Nature and Space (ARGANS) Limited are quite different, but still part of the maritime community.


The Container Shipping Information Service (CSIS)

24 of the largest container shipping companies across the world formed CSIS, to encourage an understanding and appreciation in the wider world of container shipping, and to show the benefits that it brings to our everyday lives.


Jasmine is appealing

Jasmine Clamp, a solicitor with Davies Johnson, is running the London Marathon on 13th April this year to raise funds for the Sailors Society.  You know Jasmine, she's the skinny one!


Free Workshops for Marine Businesses

In partnership with Envision the Marine Sector Resource Efficiency project is providing a series of FREE workshops which are designed to help you improve environmental efficiency and reduce costs.



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