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Welcome to the second edition of DISPATCHES.

Today we cover how to get the best quality translation at a fair price and offer you a FREE China Trade Guide CD containing valuable resources for doing business in this exciting part of the world.

50 copies only. First come, first served.

We hope you find the information useful.

Peter Bennett - CEO

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QUALITY MATTERS - Even if it makes you want to vomit!

Amongst executives 'of a certain age', the very mention of 'Quality' is enough to bring back dreadful memories of Quality Circles and Total Quality Management (TQM) initiatives - Nausea, vomiting & panic attacks often follow.

Why? Because many attempts to improve quality were a complete and utter waste of time; hours wasted in endless, excruciatingly dull meetings looking for the Emperor's new clothes.

Towards the end of the last century, badges of honour in the form of ISO(this) or BS(that) were won and proudly paraded. Consultants got rich, Managers got promoted but often all the awards proved was that the company produced CONSISTENT results, not HIGH QUALITY work.

The good news is that there is now a new and meaningful translation quality standard. But why does it matter?


FACT: A poor quality translation reads like it's been written by a 10-year-old and instantly destroys your credibility.

Tens of thousands of pounds spent on an international marketing campaign, a new website or brochure can be completely wasted if your translation is bad. You wouldn't let a child represent you in front of your best customer so why risk letting one write to them?

Quality translations really do matter


BS EN 15038 is the first quality standard developed specifically and exclusively for the translation industry.

To qualify, translation companies must be independently audited to prove they employ expert translators and follow fail-safe business procedures.

London Translations were the FIRST company to achieve this quality accolade and are committed to providing services which not only meet but EXCEED the BS EN 15038 Standard.

Click here for more details of
BS EN 15038 and why it matters to your business.

Peter Bennett,  London Translations CEO, presents the benefits of BS EN 15038
to the Association of Translations Companies annual conference


To help you get the best deal, we've produced a FREE Buyers' Guide.

This is not a brochure for our services. It contains information you will find useful no matter which translation company you choose to work with.

Click here to download your FREE copy of "Transation without Tears".

LIKE CHINA IN YOUR HAND? It's FREE if you're quick

1.4 billion people. Double-digit growth. The next economic superpower?

With over $1M of foreign investment flooding into China every minute, nobody in business can afford to ignore China's phenominal growth.

As hosts of next year's Olympic games, China's profile is set to rise still further in 2008.

London Translations are here to help you profit from China's new prosperity.

We have 50 copies of the UK Trade and Investment China Trade Guide CD to give away completely FREE of charge.

Sponsored by the China-Britian Business Council and the British Chamber of Commerce in China, this CD is a goldmine of useful information and is a must for people serious about doing business with the Chinese.

Click here to claim your FREE copy
(50 copies only. First come, first served - Act now to avoid disappointment)




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The words "Rhythm" and "Syzygy" are the longest ENGLISH words without vowels.

All JAPANESE words end in a vowel or the letter 'N'.
The shortest FRENCH word with all five vowels is "oiseau" meaning bird.

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