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How NewZapp Works

Email Marketing is easy, if it isn't you're doing it wrong! Create, Send and Track responsive emails quickly, simply and effectively with NewZapp, the UK's best Email Marketing provider.


Building a database with NewZapp Signup Code

Grow your Database

We make it easy to grow your database with a variety of simple to use tools such as an online sign-up form for your website and take away the headache of managing your existing subscribers with fully automated bounce and unsubscribe facilities.

Add your contacts via .XLS or .CSV Excel files directly into your account, NewZapp will de-duplicate and clean the lists for you automatically.



Online Signup Code

Use NewZapp's online signup code anywhere on your site to attract new subscribers.


Signups are added directly into your NewZapp account.




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Twitter Integration

Let your database increase the impact of your Email Marketing.


Add Facebook share and Tweet buttons to your campaign to expand the reach of your emails.




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Forward to a friend

Encourage your database to spread the word with Forward to a Friend.


Once forwarded your new reader is given the opportunity to subscribe to all future emails from you.




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Easy Upload

Add your contacts into target specific groups from a single Excel spreadsheet using NewZapp's Easy Upload Wizard.


Manage all your subscriber contact details from one simple interactive location.


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Create beautiful emails with NewZapp

Create your Email

Choose from a variety of pre-designed fully tested templates, get one of our fabulous design team to make one for you or build one yourself using our easy to use email editor. Whatever floats your boat is fine with us.

Use our simple personalisation tags to improve the impact of your emails and add social media integration buttons to increase the reach of the campaign beyond the limits of your subscriber database.

Email Templates

NewZapp provide a huge library of custom email templates which can be used to create your own uniquely branded design.

NewZapp Professional & Enterprise users also receive a free custom built template as part of the set up fee.

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Designer Guides

Our top notch design team have documented everything you need to create fully optimised beautiful emails that look great in every email client reader.

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Seek Inspiration

The NewZapp Portfolio is a perfect place to visit during your next coffee break or when you're suffering from a complete inspiration failure!


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Free Image & File Hosting

Host your images & documents files on our high speed dedicated servers.

Perfect for sending links to PDF brochures and videos.

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Send  amazing emails with NewZapp

Send your Email

Send to everyone you know, or just to a select few. Send it now, or later via our globally whitelisted UK based servers.

Send safely using your own domain straight into the inbox thanks to over 12 years of email delivery reputation with the major ISP's and spam filtering organisations.


Divide and conquer!
Split your database up into targeted lists based any criteria you wish.

Create unique messages for each list to maximise response rates.

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UK Based

Why does that matter?

Firstly, your data will remain secure under the terms set by UK data protection act. Secondly, your emails will be sent from UK based servers which improves delivery. Thirdly, we live in the same time zone so we're awake and ready to help!

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Tweet Me - Share Me

Let your subscribers increase the impact of your email with one click social media integration. Add Facebook and Twitter to your campaigns to increase the reach of your emails.


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Campaign Scheduling

Happy you've created the greatest email the world has ever seen? Then it's time to send!

Hit your target market every time. Select who and when you'd like to send with Campaign Scheduling.

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Track awesome emails with NewZapp

Track your Email

See who's opening, clicking and sharing your email in glorious real time with NewZapp Reporting.

Be prepared to loose the afternoon watching your campaign in action. See instantly who the biggest opener is, who's clicking what the most, is the email trending, how many visits is your site getting.

NewZapp LIVE!

Who opened & clicked your email, when and how many times.
See the reports as a whole and drill right down to the subscriber level.

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Social Trending

Is your email a trendsetter?
See which subscribers forwarded your email to their friends or shared it on Facebook and Twitter.

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Google Analytics

Built-in integration makes it easy to see what site activity, sales, conversions and goal completions your campaign generated.


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See which emails bounced and why. NewZapp will automatically remove any dud addresses and you can set a threshold for removing bouncing addresses after a set number of campaigns.

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