LIVE! Social

Is your email #trending on Twitter? If it is, see who's talking about it.

LIVE! Social - Spread the word

You send it, they Tweet it, your email is read by a whole new audience. LIVE Social will show you who is spreading the word about your business.

Let your database increase the impact of your Email Marketing with one click social media integration. Add Facebook share and Tweet buttons to your campaign so readers can quickly post your email onto their timelines.

Expanding the reach of your emails.

Track awesome emails with NewZapp

Adding Buttons


Simply add Tweet and Share icons to any area of your email using NewZapp's Editor.

Tweet Me


Let your subscribers spread the word to their Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

Social Activity


See who's tweeting your emails and how many EXTRA readers your email has gained as a result.

Will I get Social?


Everybody gets LIVE! Social to help grow databases and increase email reach.


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