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See in an instant which link is the most popular, who is active Right Now and is the email trending in social media circles.

LIVE! Hotspot - Emails Never Die!

What's happening on your email Right Now? See who's opening, clicking and sharing your email in Real Time with LIVE! Hotspot.

New Campaigns
Be prepared to lose the afternoon watching your campaign in action. See instantly who the biggest opener is, who's clicking what the most, if the email's trending, how many visits your site is getting.

Old Campaigns
Email Campaigns never die! They live in inboxes, being read over and over again. LIVE! Hotspot tracks the activity on every campaign sent, why not take a look at last months email to see if anyone is reading it Right Now!

Track awesome emails with NewZapp

Right Now


Right Now shows exactly that, what is happening on your email... RIGHT NOW!



What's the most popular link on your email? Or, more importantly, where's the most popular link?

Social Sharing


See who's tweeting your emails and how many EXTRA readers your email has gained as a result.

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