LIVE! Graph

Real Time graphs of your email opens and click throughs. Zoom to any point of any day on your campaign to see when your email was performing at its peak.

LIVE! Graph - Peak Performance

Knowing when to send your email campaigns can be as important as what you send. LIVE! Graph shows you the exact point when your campaign was performing at its best.

Use the sliders to focus on a period of time then zoom to the moment your email was getting opened & clicked the most.

LIVE! Graph also give you the ability to compare campaigns. See instantly which campaign had the most opens and clicks over a given period.

Track awesome emails with NewZapp



Zoom in to pinpoint the date and time when your email was performing at its best.

Peak Interest


See the exact point where your campaign opens and clicks were at their peak.



Perfect for sending an A/B test or just comparing campaigns overall.

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