LIVE! Data

The facts. Every stat about your campaign that you need to know. Customise, filter and organise your Data before exporting it back to Microsoft Excel.

LIVE! Data - Crunching Numbers

Once your campaign has hit the spot it's time to take a proper look into exactly who did what, when and how many times.

LIVE! Data gives you instant control over every element of your campaign and the facility to export that Data into Microsoft Excel for further distribution and analysis.

Filter, view, list, customise, re-group and export. If it's happened to your email, it's been recorded in LIVE! Data.

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Select the columns of information you would like to analyse.



Filter by names, companies, domains or by group to get a really targeted view of your campaigns success.



You've customised it, then filtered it. Now, it's time to export it back to Excel.

The Export facility is only available to NewZapp Enterprise users.

Will I get Data?


Can I have Export?
Pay As You Go and Professional users can speak to an account manager about switching it on.


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