LIVE! Client

See what device and email client your subscribers are using. Are they mobile or desktops readers? Now you'll know for sure.

LIVE! Client - Knowledge is Power

Your subscriber isn't stuck on a desktop any more and neither is your email campaign. Your email is being read on mobiles, tablets and desktops from the moment it's been sent.

Using NewZapp LIVE! Client you can now see what Device and Email Client your subscribers are using to read your email campaign.

Armed with this knowledge you can start to target your subscribers with more tailored campaigns suited to their specific device.

Track awesome emails with NewZapp

Email Client


NewZapp LIVE! shows you what Email Client your subscribers are using.



See what device your subscribers are using, is it a Desktop, mobile or tablet?

Target Grouping


Using LIVE! Client you can start grouping your mobile and desktop subscribers for more targeted campaigns.

Will I get Client?


Can I have Client?
Pay As You Go users can speak to an account manager about switching it on.


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